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These Celebrities Have All Opened Up About Their Best On-Camera Kiss

When it comes to locking lips onscreen, it’s all just a day-in-the-life for actors. It’s part of their job, so it’s no surprise you often read interviews in which they describe romantic moments as surprisingly clinical or awkward behind-the-scenes. But that’s precisely why it’s such a testament to their craft when actors pull off the kind of on-screen kisses that fans can’t stop talking about — and even they admit they enjoyed more than the average romantic scene.

Sometimes, our favorite actors share such intense onscreen chemistry that it spawns entire forums devoted to ‘shipping them. Other times, an onscreen kiss may not seem like anything explosive from the outside looking in but ends up topping the entertainer’s list of best on-screen smooch. Either way, we can probably all agree that getting to make out with people and get paid millions for it falls under “major perk” in the job world.

So, it’s only natural to be curious about who — among Hollywood’s A-listers — stands out to their co-stars as being particularly talented. Like, if actors were handing out awards, who’d get the golden statuette for best kisser? Well, let’s see what the celebs had to say…

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