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Celebrity Kids Who Are All Grown Up, Then & Now

A strange side effect of fame? Celebrities effectively share their family with the world. While celebrity moms and dads obviously revel in their children’s milestones more than anyone else, their fans can’t help but feel a sort of parental pride, too. So, when you see celebrity kids all grown up, it’s totally understandable if it tugs on your heartstrings a little bit. Like, when did this happen? When did they become little adults? Weren’t they just toddling down a red carpet with their famous mom or dad (or mom and dad) at a movie premiere?

Some celebrity kids have made routine cameos over the years, like Reese Witherspoon’s son Deacon and daughter Ava. Others, like Elizabeth Hurley’s son Damian, have only recently begun to step back into the spotlight. Some look more and more like their celebrity parents with each passing appearance. And others seem intent on carving a path of their own, free of comparisons.

But regardless, all roads lead to this point: the one where we can’t help but marvel over just how grown-up and mature these celebrity kids are. Here are some of the tiny humans in Hollywood that have become, well, full-blown humans behind the scenes.

A version of this article was previously publish in January 2020.

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