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All the TV Shows Renewed in 2020

There’s nothing scarier than the period of time after a season of your favorite show ends and you’re waiting to hear if it’s been renewed — and in fact, it seems downright unfair that networks are able to hold our television shows hostage and cut them off mid-story. But gripes with the TV industry aside, we’re always eager for news that a show is getting another year, so we’re tracking all the TV shows renewed in 2020 right here.

So far, several acclaimed shows from The CW, Netflix, FX, and BBC America have been renewed in 2020, allowing their massive fanbases to breathe a sigh of relief. But the fates of many beloved TV shows are still up in the air — and we’ll be anxiously awaiting further network decisions.

With certain long-running shows, like Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story, it feels impossible that they’d ever go off the air — so thankfully, AHS was just renewed for another three seasons. Other shows, like recently-renewed Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Killing Eve, have left the last season with a shocking cliffhanger, making viewers extra-eager for the next installment (seriously, is she dead or not?!).

So, did any of your favorites make the cut? Read on to see which shows have been renewed for another season. And if you want to see which shows weren’t so lucky, we have a guide to all the TV shows canceled this year too.

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