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Bachelor Nation! Here are the Top 10 Most Popular Bachelors of All Time, Ranked

Well my friends, another year of The Bachelor is upon us — and with it, another chance to see whether the new Bachelor will win a permanent place in our hearts, or leave us desperate for The Bachelorette to take its place. This year, Pilot Pete Weber is up to bat, and some new data from SEMrush suggests that his 2020 season (forgive me) stuck the landing. We rounded up the top 10 most popular Bachelor leads, ranked by how often they’re searched on Google, and some of these results may surprise you.

Before we dive in, let’s be clear: “most popular” in this context doesn’t necessarily mean “most beloved.” After all, a certain widely despised retired soccer player is somewhere on this list, beating out 14 other men who didn’t have a contestant leave the show in disgust after a Fantasy Suite date. So, let’s consider “most popular” to mean these are the 10 men who made the biggest mark on Bachelor Nation with their seasons — for better or for worse.

With 23 seasons under its belt and the 24th airing now, The Bachelor has been a strikingly successful experiment in reality TV, and has one of the most vocal fanbases out there. While many were skeptical about the choice to have Peter take the lead, especially with a hyper-qualified candidate like Mike Johnson available, this ranking of top 10 Bachelors proves that you don’t have to be a fan favorite to capture The Bachelor audience’s attention. In fact, the more controversy you have surrounding you — in any way — the more likely you are to make a lasting impression.

So, did your favorite Bachelors of seasons past make the list? Here are the top 10 Bachelors of all time, ranked from least to most popular.

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