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Celebrity Families That Celebrate Kwanzaa

As the end of the year rolls around, everyone has the holidays on their brain. And while you tend to hear a lot of talk about Christmas or Hanukkah out of Hollywood, these aren’t the only holidays being celebrated this time of year. Some celebrities celebrate Kwanzaa, too.

Kwanzaa is a Pan-African holiday that honors the whole of African culture. “Kwanzaa was created out of the philosophy of Kawaida, which is a cultural nationalist philosophy that argues that the key challenge in Black people’s [lives] is the challenge of culture and that what Africans must do is to discover and bring forth the best of their culture, both ancient and current and use it as a foundation to bring into being models of human excellence and possibilities to enrich and expand our lives,” explains the official Kwanzaa site.

The word Kwanzaa comes from a Swahili phrase meaning “first fruits,” and effectively that’s exactly what it is — a tribute to the fruit of the human spirit. Although this holiday is rooted in the African Diaspora, the official Kwanzaa website underscores that anyone can (and should!) celebrate it. “The principles of Kwanzaa and the message of Kwanzaa has a universal message for all people of goodwill,” the site says.

So, is it any wonder certain celebrities embrace the spirit of this beautiful holiday? Here are a few stars who’ll spend Dec. 26 through Jan. 1 upholding the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa: self-determination, creativity, faith, unity, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, and purpose.

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