Jared Padalecki's #padahair hair-volution in 13 beautiful pics

by Samantha Leopoldi
May 22, 2015 at 8:00 a.m. ET

Anyone remember this? (Neither do I.)

1 /12: Hair-volution

1/12 :Hair-volution

Stop running your fingers through your hair, sir. Stop.

2 /12: Padalecki had it first

2/12 :Padalecki had it first

Other people, who shall remain nameless, wish their hair looked this adorable. (Look at that curl.)

3 /12: #padahair 1.5

3/12 :#padahair 1.5

Everyone has the slightly cute, yet awkward, grow-out phase.

4 /12: Can't style like that

4/12 :Can't style like that

Styling doesn't work like that, Jared. I wish I could just "blah blah blah" to do my hair. #itried 

5 /12: It's like a clock

5/12 :It's like a clock

When you can figure out the season of a show by the length of hair (Season 6, FYI)...

6 /12: I mean, really

6/12 :I mean, really

And so is this…

7 /12: So much volume!

7/12 :So much volume!

It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die! #squeeee

8 /12: No bedhead?!

8/12 :No bedhead?!

Please. No one wakes up with hair that amazing.

9 /12: Short hair, don't care

9/12 :Short hair, don't care

My short hair has nothing to do with #padahair jealousy. #nopenope

10 /12: And lest we forget…

10/12 :And lest we forget…

11 /12: There are the beanies…

11/12 :There are the beanies…

12 /12: #swoon

12/12 :#swoon

I'm sorry. Were you saying something?