14 Photos of Kate Middleton Doing Regular Mom Things

Royal moms… they’re just like us! Ok, so not quite. Most of us don’t have our entire lives documented as part of an entire nation’s ruling family. And, to that end, most of us don’t give birth to princes and princesses. Still, Kate Middleton is a lot more like us “regular” moms than one might imagine.

There are differences in the details, naturally. But pictures of her parenting prove that the Duchess of Cambridge — and, arguably, any mom — tends to act just like any other mom would in situations involving her three kids: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Sometimes, that means scooping up Princess Charlotte after she takes a fall on the hard airplane tarmac. Other times it means trying to comfort Prince Louis through a classic toddler meltdown (oof, we’ve been there, Mama). She goes on playdates, she lets her babies yank on her impeccable locks and she even occasionally slips into every busy mom’s casual wardrobe of jeans and a striped top.

So, yes, she’s royalty and that makes her an inherently unique mom. At the same time, though, the following photos go to show that we’re more alike than different from the Duchess of Cambridge. Well, on the parenting front anyway!