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These 31 Celebrities All Have Huge Families


Most people at least have a passing familiarity with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s big brood of six kids. And Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott make regular headlines as parents of five, too. What you may not have realized, though, is just how many huge families there are in Hollywood — some of which make the Jolie-Pitt and Spelling-McDermott households look like, well, kids’ play. For these super-sized celebrity families, the more the merrier seems to be a life mantra.

We’re not being hyperbolic, either. Sure, size is subjective. You might consider having two to three children to be above-average. However, since the 2018 American Community Survey revealed that the average family size is three children, we’re only talking about famous fams with at least four kids or more. You might be thinking, there can’t be that many four-plus families in Hollywood, right? But trust, you’d be surprised.

From longtime couples with five kids to blended families with up to a dozen (yep, you read that right), there exists a wealth of celebrity households who are raising really big broods. Some of the names on the list won’t surprise you, like the aforementioned Jolie-Pitts. Admittedly, though, we didn’t even realize some of these stars have been building their dynasties behind-the-scenes.

This story was originally published in 2019.

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