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Cutest Celebrity Kids’ Nicknames, From ‘Bubba’ to ‘Kit’ & Everything in Between

When you become a parent, you’re pretty much agreeing to make all sorts of difficult decisions. And right upfront, you have to make two: the name you will legally give your child, and the name they’ll go by. Sure, these decisions will later seem like a walk in the park compared to what you’ll go through with your kid over the years. But in the moment? There are few things more agonizing than trying to nail down the perfect name and nickname for your little one.

If there’s one thing you can certainly say for celebrities, it’s that they generally come up with distinctive names for their children. So, it’s not terribly surprising that some of Hollywood’s most beloved moms have given their kiddos really cute nicknames. From the royal family to Chrissy Teigen, famous parents seem to love affectionate epithets for their offspring just as much as the rest of us.

Need a little bit of nickname inspiration for your kid? Well, we can’t say for sure you’ll find it here. After all, nicknames are incredibly personal and usually a derivative of a child’s name. However, many of the stars who made our list have given their little ones nicknames that are so gosh darn cute you’ll probably be tempted to borrow them or adapt them for your bundle of joy. At the very least, you can join us in saying “aww” over the sweetness of these monikers.

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