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13 Must-See Horror Movies, As Told By Paranormal Pros (Just in Time for Halloween!)

The countdown to Halloween is officially on, and you know what that means — it’s time to watch scary movies with reckless abandon! Stay up all night. Jump at your own shadow. Turn on every light so you don’t have to wonder what’s peering at you from the darkness. Granted, this all may not sound like a good time to someone who doesn’t like being spooked. But if you’re a horror movie aficionado, October is your favorite month for reveling in the creepy vibes with equally creepy cinema.

These days, you can also find some killer (mwuhahaha) programming on TV during the month of October, like Travel Channel’s “Ghostober.” From special editions of Ghost Adventures to new dark and twisty series, the network has stepped up their paranormal viewing experience this year.

So, who better to ask for scary movie recommendations than the paranormal pros who host Travel Channel’s spooky programming? These experts recently told TV Insider their must-see horror movie picks, and we culled 13 to pass on to you… just in time for Halloween.

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