Which Streaming Service Do You Need in 2020? A Rundown of Apple TV+, HBO Max, and More

Ever since Netflix revolutionized the way we think about TV, more and more companies have been eager to get in on the game. These days, our options are increasingly becoming overwhelming. Between Apple TV+, HBO Max, Netflix, and more, we’re in serious need of a guide to all these streaming services.

So, we rounded up which streaming service will own Friends, The Office, and all your other favorite shows in 2020 and beyond — because at the end of the day, we don’t really care about a lot of the features various services are offering. We just want to know where to watch the same TV we’ve been watching on Netflix and Hulu all these years.

As the competition heats up, streaming services are getting into crazier and crazier bidding wars over premium content, hoping to secure subscribers with exclusive access to shows they can’t live without. And they’re not just fighting over old content — Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon all produce original content as well, and will soon be competing with the original content of Apple TV+ and Disney+.

Once upon a time, one or two subscriptions could get you access to pretty much anything you’d want to watch. But soon, these companies will each try to grab a piece of the classic content library. So, as 2020 approaches, choose your streaming services wisely. Here’s a rundown of what each service will offer.

A version of this article was originally published on October 17, 2019.