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All the Craziest Celebrity Pregnancy Cravings, From Banana Peppers to Buttered Pop-Tarts

If we’re being totally transparent, the entire experience of pregnancy can be pretty strange. Some things happen to your body that are magical, yes — but other things happen that you simply will never fully wrap your brain around. Effectively, your body starts calling the shots and you’re just along for the ride. And never does that feel truer than when you’re dealing with pregnancy cravings.

There’s a reason these pregnancy-specific tastes are parodied so much in film and TV: They are really that wild. During my first pregnancy, I would routinely send my husband to the store late at night to stock up on canned spinach and vinegar, which I would essentially eat as though (combined) they were like a bowl of cereal. During my second pregnancy, there were not enough Now and Later candies in the world to satisfy my pregnancy sweet tooth.

It’s fascinating, right? It’s also a great equalizer. Though celebrities may not share many day-to-day issues with the rest of us, they’re at the whim of their hormones during pregnancy too — and this makes for some pretty wacky celebrity cravings. Since it makes us feel better to know we aren’t the only ones eating things like buttered Pop-Tarts during pregnancy (yes, one celebrity really ate those while expecting her first child), we rounded up some of the funniest and most far-out celebrity pregnancy cravings we could find.

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