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The Top 10 Fall Reads, According to Pinterest

When you finish a really excellent book, you always hope other people have read it too — one of the many reasons that book clubs have become so popular. But sometimes you just want to know what “everyone” is reading and talking about, so we rounded up Pinterest’s top 10 fall 2019 reads, so you can check out the season’s buzziest books, and be absolutely sure you’re in good company. These 10 titles are the books that everyone on Pinterest is saving and searching for the most — so even if you don’t get around to reading all of these volumes, at least becoming familiar with them will make you feel in the know.

It’s always interesting to look at lists like these and search for a pattern: For example, seven out of the 10 books on this list are novels, with only a few nonfiction books thrown into the mix. While that could be a total coincidence, we do think fall is a lovely time to get wrapped up in fictional worlds and invested in new stories, from the feminist dystopia of The Water Cure to the high-octane murder plot that kicks off The Silent Patient. While you may not agree with the public’s pick for each of these 10 books, new works do tend to become popular by positive word of mouth — and given the number of people trying to track these down on Pinterest, these 10 books have been popular since their release. Here’s the full list.

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