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Join These Celebrity Book Clubs & Read Along with Your Favorite Stars

It’s hard enough making the time to read regularly — if you also have to do the research to figure out which books you might be interested in reading, it can feel almost impossible. Enter: the book club. We rounded up the best celebrity book clubs you need to be following, and we promise that you’ll never be more well-read in your life. From A-list actresses to pro athletes, these are the stars who will populate your bookshelf with new reads every month.

You probably know of a few celebrity book lists already — for example, Oprah’s Book Club, which arguably kicked off the whole trend. Oprah has changed many readers’ and writers’ lives with her book club; her ability to influence has been nicknamed the “Oprah Effect,” and books she recommends see their sales soar almost instantly. Nicole Dennis-Benn, the author of Jenna Bush Hager’s latest book club pick, Patsy, tells NPR that having a celebrity pick your book is “every writer’s dream.”

“When you’re writing, you’re not sure who you’re gonna be connecting to,” Dennis-Benn explains. “You just know that you’re writing for yourself. And you’re hoping that somebody gets the message. And so when these people who have a platform pick our books, it means it’s gonna be read widely.” Dennis-Benn makes a good point, and it’s another reason we love these celeb book clubs so much. Not only do they get you reading more, but they come with a built-in community of others who can discuss the book with you. It’s win-win, so what are you waiting for? Here are the best celeb book clubs to kick off your fall reading list.

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