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We Rounded Up the Most Inspiring Quotes From the #BlogHer19 Creators Summit

SHE Media just wrapped up the #BlogHer19 Creators Summit, and we’re still soaking in all the wisdom these amazing ladies blessed us with over the past few days. Just in case you missed it, we’re sharing the most inspiring quotes from the #BlogHer19 Creators Summit — the moments that had us cheering, clapping and planning new business ventures in our minds. From award-winning entertainers to burgeoning entrepreneurs, women from every side of media were in attendance, sharing their secrets, journeys and advice, and we loved every second.

The issues discussed at the Creators Summit ranged from how to build your brand to key digital marketing strategies, from celebrating new product launches or book releases to discussing moments of failure or insecurity. Though these women came from different industries and had different methods that earned them a following, many of the themes they hit on were the same. The importance of believing in yourself, the need for authenticity, and the value in forming genuine connections were stressed over and over, as these creative, powerful women reflected on how they reached heights they’d never even imagined.

These women were so inspiring in large part because of their ability to stay connected to moments when they weren’t sure they would make it, when they faced roadblocks and fought through — and then made the active choice to give what they’d learned back to the community. We’re so grateful they shared their insights with us, and we’re so excited to share it with you. Click through to discover all 20 incredible ideas.

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