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All the Celebrities You Forgot Were on Beverly Hills, 90210

What were many of the world’s biggest stars doing before they hit the big time? Appearing on Beverly Hills 90210! We rounded up 30 celebs you forgot were on Beverly Hills, 90210, and the list is seriously impressive. It seems like the actors and musicians of the day loved 90210 just as much as we did. From actors like Matthew Perry, Hilary Swank and Eva Longoria to musicians like Christina Aguilera, Fergie and Maroon 5, we found all kinds of familiar faces while re-watching the ’90s series ahead of its current quasi-revival BH90210. 

Of course, the show wasn’t a reality series (or faux-reality series) when it first aired. But seeing all these familiar celeb faces appear over the years does make the series feel like a time capsule of the ’90s, reminding us which stars were at the top of their game, and which were still years away from their big breaks. The roster of celebs has something for pretty much every kind of fan, from Friends fans to Grey’s Anatomy and beyond. And since we’ll soon be left once again in a cold, 90210-less world, there’s no better time than the present to take a stroll down memory lane. Check out some of the fun and forgotten cameos below.

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