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17 Books That Will Be Adapted into Movies & TV Shows in 2019

Adaptations are a tricky business. When they’re good, they’re great — nothing quite beats seeing your favorite characters brought to life. When it’s bad, though, you wonder why they didn’t just leave a good thing alone. That’s why we’ve rounded up all the movies and TV shows based on books coming out for the rest of 2019. Sure, reading the book first means you won’t exactly be surprised by the plot in theaters, but it also gives you the opportunity to create your own interpretation first.

With Hollywood’s increasing fervor for reimagining old stories, it’s worth your while to treat movie and TV adaptations as a bit of a game. What parts did they leave in, and what did they cut out? Are any of the characters significantly different from how they were written? And what does this interpretation bring that previous adaptations might have missed? People love to walk out of adaptations claiming the book was better (and that’s often the case!). But since onscreen adaptations aren’t going anywhere, you might as well get more fun out of pinpointing why the book was better — and in the cases where the adaptation actually nails it, you’ll feel all the more satisfied for seeing how it hits the notes the book did.

What we’re saying is this: Reading the book before the movie or TV show comes out is a really, really good idea. So, here are the titles that should be filling your bookshelf through December. Happy reading!

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