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The 10 Best Nostalgia Hits to Rewatch this Reboot Season

It’s no secret that Hollywood is ever-so-slightly obsessed with a good old-fashioned reboot. Whether the original was made 10 years ago or 80, these stories are all fair game for a modern reimagining. We’ve rounded up the best movie and TV show reboots of 2019 (and beyond), and it’s truly impressive what a wide range of remakes are peppered across the upcoming months. From classic horror movies to beloved teen shows, these 2019 reboots have something for everyone — and reminded us of old classics we haven’t seen in years.

Of course, many of the movies and shows included on this list have more than one adaptation in their past (e.g. Little Women). But in our minds, that just speaks to the enduring nature of these stories, and the myriad interpretations that can come through over the years. Reboots aren’t just an opportunity to revisit beloved characters (though they are that too!). They’re an opportunity to examine how our culture has changed, and how our stories and values change with it. To that end, many of the reboots on this list have made concerted efforts to improve upon the gender and racial diversity of the originals: the Men in Black and The Hustle remakes are both good examples. That’s the real power of reboots: they make you appreciate the original all over again, while showing where there’s potential for improvement.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Here are the must-watch nostalgia movies and TV shows you should binge this weekend (before you go and watch the 2019 version).

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