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20 Best New Books to Read This Summer

We could rattle off a million-and-a-half reasons why we love summer. But there’s one specific thing we’ve been counting down to all winter long: summer reads. You can see yourself now, right? Sitting on the beach, occasionally brushing powdery white sand from a dog-eared page. Or perhaps you’re curled up in a cozy nook in the air-conditioned comfort of your home. No matter where you wind up for your binge-reading sesh, the best summer books of 2020 will invariably be one of the most enjoyable parts of this sunny season. 

Sure, you can technically tackle this type of reading any time of year although these books are best timed for summer, though. When summer hits, everything slows down. Life gets a little sleepier. Our inner hedonist takes over, and we languidly pursue pleasure in its many forms. Enter, summer reads. Whether you crave fun and flirty romance, complicated family dynamics, smart mysteries, or true-crime-inspired, you’re bound (book pun!) to find it in this year’s crop of novels. 

Were you obsessed with Crazy Rich Asians? You’re going to want to pick up Sex and Vanity, author Kevin Kwan’s new debut. Love, longing, a woman torn between two worlds — you’ll be so riveted that you won’t even notice summer’s stifling heat and humidity. Or maybe your guilty pleasure is something decidedly darker From the best-selling author When We Believed in Mermaids, Barbara Neal’s The Lost Girls of Devon dives into the emotional trauma that comes with four generations of women grappling with family betrayal, damaging secrets and a sinister tragedy.

Just trust, there are enough stellar books on this list to keep you satiated all summer long.

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