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These Best Beach Reads of All Time Will Get You Through the Summer

It’s summer, y’all! Time to slather on that SPF and head to some sandy shore for the ultimate in summer relaxation: beach sittin’. But before you lug your lounge chair down the edge of the surf, you’ve gotta pack your bag. And you know what absolutely must be in that bag, right? Beach reads! At least one — definitely more if your beach day is more of a beach weekend (or work gods willing, a whole week!).

This means you’ll have to make room among the sunscreen, snacks, water bottles, towels, toys and everything else we tend to load ourselves down with like pack mules for a day of R&R by the sea. Still, even though space in your overstuffed tote is at a premium, it’s well worth your time to make sure you have a riveting book or two to while away in. Admittedly, we look forward to burying our toes in the sand and our nose in a good book all summer long.

Since you’re probably busy packing your beach bag already, we saved you some Google-time by pulling together a list of some of the best beach reads ever — books that transport you, books you can’t put down and, naturally, a few guilty pleasures, too. Enjoy!

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