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11 Shows to Fill the Game of Thrones Void in Your Life

After eight epic seasons, HBO’s beloved, critically-acclaimed series Game of Thrones has finally ended. The series finale wrapped up what was a sweeping saga, filled with magic, adventure, mystery, lots of lore, tons of characters and a fantasy world, unlike anything we’d ever seen before. Game of Thrones transported us, made us think and entertained us to no end every Sunday evening for the better part of a decade.

Now that Game of Thrones is over, what should we all watch next?

Finding a show to fill the Game of Thrones void in your life is going to be tricky, but there are definitely some great options for you to consider. Whether you like to sink into a world similar to but mostly different from our own, want to see big battles in every episode, crave some sexy intrigue or simply want to follow a large cast of characters as they all go on their own journeys, we’ve rounded up tons of shows that have these Game of Thrones-like elements. Even better, you can stream them all ASAP on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go or Amazon Video.

Ahead, the most epic series this side of the Wall. [Insert Tormund grin here.]

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