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Mom-Approved TV Shows That Get Modern Motherhood Right


We can’t think of a more appropriate time to celebrate the heroic task that is modern motherhood. Sometimes (all the time), it feels like moms are the only ones who get it — and TV renditions of what home life looks like too often leave us cringing with their spotless kitchens and work-life balance fantasies. But for every show that has us rolling our eyes and changing the channel, we’ve found its flip side: a show so dead-on about the oh-so-unique experience of being a mom that you’ll find yourself howling with laughter. From Workin’ Moms to Dead to Methese mom-approved picks will brighten your week.

Believe it or not, TV right now is getting a lot of things right about motherhood at every age, in every kind of living situation, and as it affects moms in different socioeconomic backgrounds. Being a mom is not an easy job and shows like I’m Sorry and The Letdown get extremely honest about it. These days, it’s not just about doing what’s right for your children, but also about making sure you’re doing what’s right for you, as a mother. These shows understand that finding that balance or being honest with yourself when being a mom gets rough or even finding a reliable support system as a mother is tough as hell. But they also understand that being a mom today comes with lots of victories and that the magic of watching your kids grow up is unparalleled.

So, which shows about modern motherhood should you curl up with this Mother’s Day (and, um, every day after)? Keep clicking to find out.

A version of this article was originally published May 2019.

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