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TV Shows to Watch While Spring Cleaning Your Home

While cleaning may not be something you look forward to most of the year, there’s something different about spring cleaning. It feels restorative, right? It’s more than just a time for tidying up your home — it has become a sort of ritualistic decluttering of house and life. So, yeah… it feels good.

Still, sometimes you need an extra push to kickstart that spring cleaning. Sure, once you’re done it feels great. But getting started? Not so much. It’s a whole lot easier if you have inspiration, and some of the best forms are TV’s top home gurus. It might be Marie Kondo pushing you to ask if something brings you joy. Or it could be a docuseries that will make you question consumerism (read: all the stuff cluttering up your house in the first place). The point is, your TV can be an effective motivator.

Cue up one of these shows to watch while you’re spring cleaning to help remind you that your hard work will pay off.

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