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Every Game of Thrones Loose End We Want Tied Up This Season

At long last, Game of Thrones’ final season premieres on April 14. And not a moment too soon, either — it’s been so long since a new episode aired that we were starting to turn into White Walkers. Plus, we have questions. So many questions. Knowing there will be no more seasons after this one has only fueled our obsessive GoT tendencies, leaving us to lie awake at night pondering how the series intends to tie up all of its loose ends.

Granted, we’re realists. There’s surely no way GoT could possibly wrap up every loose end, right? The teaser trailer for season eight alone left us with wild theories aplenty. Still, this is one epic saga that must come to a close, so at least some sort of resolution is on the way.

While it was difficult to narrow down (because let’s be real, that would take another eight years to sort through), here are the 12 most pressing questions we need answered in GoT’s final season.

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