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Celebrities Who Definitely Deserve Their Own Talk Show

Major changes are happening in the talk show landscape this fall. In addition to Kelly Clarkson launching her daytime talk show, Lilly Singh is also taking Carson Daly’s late night TV spot, which gives us two new shows to watch. It’s exciting to see these women take on these prominent new roles, but the announcements also got us thinking about who else could join the lineup in the future. There are so many outspoken celebs we love who definitely deserve their own talk shows for their hilarious commentary, whip-smart questions and interesting insights into current events.

While daytime TV is largely dominated by women for hosts, including the Emmy-winning The Ellen DeGeneres Show and the Emmy-nominated Wendy Williams Show, late-night TV is largely a boy’s club. Bringing more women into the field certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing. So, we’ve rounded up a list of 12 ideal, outspoken candidates we judged on their interview prowess and on-screen charm, as well as the topics they tend to tackle in their work and on social media. With so many TV platforms available, from streaming services to traditional cable networks, there’s definitely room for all of these personalities on screen.

Click through to see all the women who could light up daytime and late-night TV.

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