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These Celebrities All Got Married or Engaged on Valentine’s Day

Love is definitely in the air when Feb. 14 rolls around on the calendar and Valentine’s Day officially arrives. Some star couples have even decided to swap vows on what’s considered the most romantic day of the year, while others have used the opportunity to pop the question. In fact, a whole bunch of celebrities have gotten married or engaged on Valentine’s Day.

Who decided to take the plunge on the lovey-dovey-est day of the year? If you take a look at some of the celebrities who decided to pledge their love to their forever valentine on this day, it worked out for approximately half of them. Find out who is still together and who made Hollywood relationship history. This list might make you decide to celebrate your wedding on this super-romantic day or it might make you pick a date without so much pressure. Ahead, celeb couples whose engagements or vows were blessed (or not) by Cupid himself.

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