Every TV Show That’s Been Canceled in 2019 — So Far

Television has never been bigger than it is at this very moment. With so many new shows coming at us across every platform, there just isn’t room for them all to stick around forever. It’s survival of the fittest, and not every show can hang on. So, which TV shows have been canceled in 2019 so far? Sadly, we are poised to lose some of our favorites — and the year has only just begun.

The most recent show to get canceled is Netflix’s One Day at a Time, a reboot of this hit Norman Lear sitcom from the 1970s. In its update form, One Day at a Time followed three generations of the Alvarez family, a Cuban-American family led by matriarch Penelope and including her children, Elena and Alex, and her mother, Lydia. After a three-season run and despite a loving, supportive fanbase, Netflix canceled the series in March 2019. Response to One Day at a Time‘s cancelation immediately followed in the wake of the news, with fans and celebrities tweeting out demands for the show to be picked up again at Netflix with the help of the hashtag “#SaveODAAT.”

One Day at a Time is certainly not the last show that will get canceled in 2019, so let’s take a lot at the other shows that have gotten the ax thus far in 2019. Then be sure to check out our list of TV shows that have been renewed — because it’s not all bad news.


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