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Sad TV Shows to Watch When You Want to Cry Your Eyes Out

Here’s the thing — sometimes, you just need a good cry. You need to get all up in your feelings and let them leak out through your eyeballs. It’s therapeutic. It’s not like any old thing can turn on the kind of waterworks you need for a true catharsis, though. That’s where sad TV shows come into play.

And if you’re in need of a good tearjerker, you’re in luck. Nowadays, networks and streaming services alike are rife with dramas that will tug on every single heartstring you have. For goodness sake, some of them even have tissue box emoji as part of their Twitter hashtags — that’s how likely it is you’ll wind up drinking boxed wine and ugly crying on your sofa when you watch.

But hey, no judgment. That’s what you want, right? With everything going on in the world today (not to mention the tough stuff in your day-to-day life), it’s nice to have a safe place where you can pour all your pent-up feelings out.

So, you know the drill. Make sure you’ve got on waterproof mascara, have a box of tissue handy and prepare to bawl your eyes out over the following tear-inducing TV shows.

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