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10 Books Hitting the Screen in 2019 (So You Better Start Reading Now)

Every year, book lovers all over the world storm out of the theater chanting “The book was better!” after seeing their favorite literary adventures brought to life on screen. Although this sentiment is often true, we’ll never stop loving that feeling of seeing the faces of characters we loved on the page and watching scenes that were described with gorgeous prose be thoughtfully played out in front of us. So, which books are being adapted in 2019

Book adaptations make some of the best and most exciting films of the year, and few things make you feel more left out than hearing comparisons to a book you haven’t read. Fear not, though, because we’ve pulled together a list of books that are hitting the screen this year so you can get caught up right away. Head to your local bookstore (or grab whatever device you read on) and devour these pages so you can be part of the conversation.

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