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25 Celebrities Who Are Turning 50 in 2019

A lot of familiar faces in Hollywood are hitting that half-century mark in 2019. What’s wonderful about all of these big birthdays is that many of these superstars are at the peak of their careers right now.

Men and women are showing that there’s life in the entertainment industry after age 40. Take a look at Jennifer Lopez, who is powerful on and off-camera, or Jason Bateman, who’s gone from a teen star to a consistent face on the big and small screens.

Lopez and Bateman are among an accomplished list of celebs who will be blowing out 50 candles on their birthday cakes this year. They’re all proof that if you put in the hard work, the cream rises to the top no matter what your age is. Take some inspiration from these celebrities, who were all born in 1969 and who prove age is truly just a number. Happy 50th birthday to all!

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