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Susan Sarandon Movies You Should Never Watch Without Waterproof Mascara

Over the course of her nearly 50-year career in Hollywood, Susan Sarandon has proven to be an emotional powerhouse. She’s made us laugh, she’s made us scoff, she’s made us think, and lest we forget, she’s made us cry. A lot. In both frequency and volume, if we’re really being honest. The minute her wide, emotive eyes begin to well up with tears in a scene, it’s all over — before we know it, we’re curled up on our couches bawling over our glasses of wine.

But Sarandon has racked up quite a few film credits over her impressive career: 153, to be precise. And due to the sheer volume of films she’s starred in, you may not be familiar with some of her more poignant roles. Since we feel as though everyone should see them (and ugly-cry along with us), we compiled some of Sarandon’s best, most emotionally resonant movies to share with you. Just make sure you have plenty of tissues to spare.

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