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Iconic Movie Dresses & Outfits We’ll Never Forget

We all have our favorite movies of all time. And we all have our favorite actors of all time and our favorite characters of all time. But we also all have our favorite movie dresses and outfits of all time, moments in fashion that are just as memorable as the best lines and the best plots and the best endings.

We’re talking about dresses that made statements about the fashion of their time — and also helped define the fashion of the time. We’re talking about the dresses that are instantly recognizable and that we instantly associate with the person who wore them, even years or decades later. We’re talking about dresses that have turned from mere pieces of cloth into lasting cultural references, pop trivia and Halloween costumes.

Featuring fabulous ensembles from Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Atonement to Clueless, here’s our own definitive list of the most awesome, memorable, stunning outfits in movie history.

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