The Best Pop-Culture Ornaments Your Tree Is Missing

Holiday decorating sure has changed since we were kids. Back in the day, the most exciting thing you could get was a flocked tree or those insidious strips of silver tinsel you’d find around the neighborhood weeks after the garbage collector picked up the tree. Nowadays, there are just so many exciting options.

Luckily, tree ornaments have progressed too, and any pop-culture fan will delight in all the fun options. If a Christmas tree is the center of your holiday activities, why not make it hip and trendy? How about switching out the tinsel in favor of some ornaments that could act as fun conversation starters, like a Game of Thrones ornament that will have you and your family ultimately discussing the final season or a royal wedding-themed ornament that will make you wonder aloud what exactly the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be doing for their first Christmas as a married couple.

Considering so much has happened in the world of pop culture in 2018, we put together a list of our favorite tree baubles that reflect our favorite shows, movies, people and trends from this year and years gone by.