Winter Movies That Aren’t About Christmas You Can Enjoy Right Now

Not every film set in winter is about Christmas, and not everyone wants to see a Christmas movie during the winter. We’re not about to knock Hallmark movies (because we love those, too), but sometimes you just want to stream a movie that isn’t focused on holiday romances or floating us Christmas carols during snow-laden wintry montages. Truth be told, sometimes we’re just in the mood for an action-packed movie, an honest-to-goodness thriller or a bawdy comedy, and if it’s set in the deep midwinter, well, that’s just a bonus.

No matter what your favorite genre is, there are so many films available for streaming or to rent on the cheap on sites like Amazon, Hulu and Netflix that are perfect if you’re looking for a winter-set movie with approximately zero jingling bells, candy canes, snowmen or dudes in red suits with big white beards. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best of these wintry films that will be sure to please everyone. Gather your snacks and your comfiest blanket and hunker down — it’s movie time.