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19 Things We Learned About Pre-First Lady Michelle Obama in Becoming

For eight years, first lady Michelle Obama made her presence known during her time in the White House. She was committed to supporting policies that benefitted Americans; she supported the nation through good times and bad. We hung on to her every word, cheered her on and felt emboldened by her support of us. By 2016, it felt like we knew Obama on a personal level, but with the release of her new memoir, Becoming, there’s still plenty more we can learn from Obama and her life before she was the first Black first lady of the United States. 

In Becoming, Obama lays out her childhood on the South Side of Chicago in a predominantly Black neighborhood and her transition to the predominantly white Princeton campus. She tells readers about her first job as a lawyer, where she met her future husband (and the future president) all in one charming smile, and what life was like under the scrutinous eye of the Secret Service, political critics and the American public. Obama doesn’t hold back, staying as candid as possible and drawing readers deep into her inner world.

Here are just a few things we learned about Michelle (Robinson) Obama’s early years, before her time as first lady. Her beautifully written memoir hit bookshelves on Tuesday.

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