Proof Rachel McAdams is just like us

by SheKnows
Nov 1, 2013 at 4:00 a.m. ET
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Not every celebrity needs to show off his/her perfect teeth. Rachel McAdams is comfortable just giving the camera a playful smirk rather than showing her pearly whites.

1 /9: She used to work a not-so-great day job

1/9 :She used to work a not-so-great day job

Although her life may be glamorous now, it wasn't always that way. Rachel McAdams worked at McDonald's for three years before making it big!

2 /9: She bundles up

Image: WENN

2/9 :She bundles up

Rachel McAdams gets a little chilly in the winter weather. She bundles up in a heavy coat and comfortable shoes as she walks through the airport.

3 /9: She gets blown away

Image: WENN

3/9 :She gets blown away

Even A-list celebrities can't stop Mother Nature. Rachel McAdams gets caught in a little bit of a windstorm at one of her premieres.

4 /9: She colors her hair

Image: WENN

4/9 :She colors her hair

Rachel highlights her hair hot pink to give herself a little bit of an edge.

5 /9: She watches her step

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5/9 :She watches her step

Walking in heels may look easy, but Rachel makes sure to watch her step so she doesn't trip and fall. She even asks for a little help from a friend.

6 /9: She wears flip flops

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6/9 :She wears flip flops

Not all women enjoy wearing heels ALL the time... not even Rachel! Flip flops sometimes seem like they are the better option during those long work days.

7 /9: She fixes her bf's tie

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7/9 :She fixes her bf's tie

Even on the red carpet, Rachel Mcadams knows when boyfriend Michael Sheen needs a little help with his tie.

8 /9: Her dress gets caught, too

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8/9 :Her dress gets caught, too

Even at red carpet events, you have to keep an eye on your dress! Rachel tries to secretly get away after Harrison Ford steps on her gown.

9 /9: She rides the subway

9/9 :She rides the subway

Rachel McAdams was caught kissing her former hubby, Michael Sheen, as they rode the Toronto subway.