Rachel McAdams’ best beauty tips

by SheKnows
Nov 1, 2013 at 4:00 a.m. ET
Image: Lia Toby/WENN.com
Rachel McAdams' days as Regina George are long gone with her fiery new red hair. This actress, who is known for constantly switching up her hair and makeup routine, gives us her favorite beauty tips to maintain a flawless appearance.

1 /10: Bold lips

1/10 :Bold lips

"To keep the look youthful, I chose a bright, deep raspberry for the lips and we kept that the only point of color for the entire look," explained makeup artist Kayleen McAdams.

2 /10: Hair and makeup

Image: WENN

2/10 :Hair and makeup

"We were paying homage to Marilyn Monroe with a red lip and a heavy lash strip," recalled makeup artist Troy Jensen.

3 /10: Haircuts

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3/10 :Haircuts

"The long layers and mid-length bangs also make it perfect for someone who is growing out their hair," her hairstylist Thomas Dunkin said.

4 /10: Her haircare routine

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4/10 :Her haircare routine

“I try not to wash [my hair] too much and I don’t style it a lot. I usually let it air-dry, unless it is for a special occasion. I use Phyto products, which are great for conditioning, because I get these terrible tangles at the nape of my neck. They are the bane of my existence.”

5 /10: Changing her hair

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5/10 :Changing her hair

“I’ve been very lucky so far. I haven’t had any bad experiences as far as fan encounters. They don’t really recognize me. I think it has to do with my hair. I change it all the time. I like changing my hair color and sometimes it’s just not for a role. Usually, I just do it for me.”

6 /10: Pink highlights

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6/10 :Pink highlights

Rachel told Glamour Magazine, “I always wanted pink hair. I wanted to do my whole head, but my hairstylist, Robert, was like, "How about we start small?" I absolutely loved it. I still think about doing blue at some point, but I don't like to change my hair before I'm about to do [a film] — you never know what that character's going to be.”

7 /10: Topknot

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7/10 :Topknot

”I love a topknot, and I am so happy this trend is sticking around,” her hairstylist Mark Townsend said.

8 /10: What she does with a pimple

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8/10 :What she does with a pimple

Ever wonder how Rachel McAdams' face is so clear? “I use Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Spot Treatment. Mostly I just try to leave it alone. You don’t want to be a slave to your pimple.”

9 /10: Red hair

Image: Lia Toby/WENN.com

9/10 :Red hair

“This was the only color left!” she told People, laughing, at the Los Angeles premiere of To the Wonder.

10 /10: Textured braid

10/10 :Textured braid

"If your hair is long enough, a loose, asymmetrical braid will add an interesting twist," says Thomas Dunkin, the man behind this memorable style.