EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Behind-the-scenes with Jewel

by SheKnows
May 16, 2013 at 2:49 p.m. ET
Jewel playing her guitar while performing on-stage for iHeartRadio. She's still got it.

1 /10: The guitars are packed!

1/10 :The guitars are packed!

Jewel and crew are ready for her Greatest Hits Tour!

2 /10: Jewel loves her fans!

2/10 :Jewel loves her fans!

What would you do to meet Jewel personally? Make sure you submit yourself to win a VIP Experience.

3 /10: Does Jewel have a future rockstar on her hands?

3/10 :Does Jewel have a future rockstar on her hands?

By the looks of his wardrobe and the way he's already strummin' that guitar, we'd say so!

4 /10: Being a mom is Jewel's favorite job

4/10 :Being a mom is Jewel's favorite job

Jewel loves her career as an artist, but being a mom is her No. 1 job and priority. Let's just say, she does it all!

5 /10: Jewel's most prized possession: her son

5/10 :Jewel's most prized possession: her son

Jewel started singing lullabies when her son Kase Townes Murray was born on July 11, 2011.

6 /10: Jewel posing for a picture

6/10 :Jewel posing for a picture

Just give her a guitar, and snap away!

7 /10: The view from backstage

7/10 :The view from backstage

This is what Jewel's team sees when they're watching her perform from backstage.

8 /10: Jewel on-stage.

8/10 :Jewel on-stage.

Jewel puts 100% into every performance she puts on.

9 /10: Talent, beauty and brains

9/10 :Talent, beauty and brains

Not only is Jewel extremely talented, she's beautiful and smart!

10 /10: Jewel's Greatest Hits Tour

10/10 :Jewel's Greatest Hits Tour

Who can't wait to attend Jewel's Greatest Hits Tour? She's still as beautiful as ever.