SPOTTED: Tori Spelling's adorable family

by SheKnows
Dec 1, 2013 at 3:00 a.m. ET
Tori Spelling posted this picture of daughters Hattie and Stella on Thanksgiving with the caption "My blondies wanted to dress as twinsies today for #thanksgiving #boyfriendjeans."

1/7 :Chic baby

Baby Hattie looks adorable in her Zoobug glasses!

2 /7: Tori's got her hands full!

2/7 :Tori's got her hands full!

Finn in one arm, Hattie in the other at the the 84th Annual Mother's Day Luncheon and Fashion Show.

3 /7: Holiday cuteness

3/7 :Holiday cuteness

Liam and Stella look adorable in their holiday attire! Do you see that bowtie?!

4 /7: Pregnant Tori

4/7 :Pregnant Tori

Dean, Tori, Liam and Stella walked the carpet while the kids donned some pretty great hairstyles... oh, we can't forget Hattie. She's in Tori's belly.

5 /7: Out for a bike ride!

5/7 :Out for a bike ride!

How cute is this family? Impromptu bike ride! But where are Tori and Dean's helmets?!

6 /7: What a sTORI!

6/7 :What a sTORI!

You can find tons of family pictures and read the real inside scoop on this family in Tori's new book!

7 /7: Fort fun!

7/7 :Fort fun!

The family who builds forts together, sticks together.