10 photos that prove Kristen Bell is just like us

by SheKnows
Oct 1, 2013 at 4:00 a.m. ET
Kristen Bell isn't afraid to show her goofy side. She posts silly pictures and videos on her Twitter all the time, proving that she can poke fun at herself. Curious about This Bar Saves Lives? Get information here!

1 /9: She poses with her dog!

1/9 :She poses with her dog!

Yes, even Kristen Bell loves to post pictures with her dog. I mean... he's adorable, so why shouldn't she?!

2 /9: Rockin' a beanie.

Image: WENN

2/9 :Rockin' a beanie.

We imagine that sometimes celebrities even have bad hair days... good thing Kristen Bell looks adorable in a beanie!

3 /9: Peace, man!

Image: WENN

3/9 :Peace, man!

An outspoken advocate for equality and gay marriage, Kristen Bell poses casually for a candid photo by throwing up the peace sign. Don't lie, you know you do it too! See what else Kristen Bell is an advocate for here.

4 /9: Down time at the park!

Image: WENN

4/9 :Down time at the park!

Kristen Bell makes time in her busy schedule to dress down, hang with friends and enjoy the outdoors! That is when she's not being a Mom, making movies or being a Brand Ambassador for This Bar Saves Lives.

5 /9: This is a Citizen's arrest!

Image: WENN

5/9 :This is a Citizen's arrest!

Kristen Bell, you have the right to remain silent! You've just been caught jaywalking... Okay, we're kidding. We're all guilty of it. Sometimes crosswalks are just too far away!

6 /9: This girl can juggle!

Image: WENN

6/9 :This girl can juggle!

Who needs an Assistant when you've got two hands?! Kristen's just like everyone else- sometimes she has to juggle a cell phone, drink, planner and bag all on her own.

7 /9: Animal love!

Image: Getty Images

7/9 :Animal love!

In order to find Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell had to kiss a lot of... monkeys?! Ok, so not a ton of us have kissed the monkey from The Hangover, but come on, if given a chance, you know you would!

8 /9: Caught on camera

Image: Getty Images

8/9 :Caught on camera

Kristen Bell's not afraid to show her fiancé a little PDA at the Los Angeles Kings game.

9 /9: Girl's gotta eat!

Image: WENN

9/9 :Girl's gotta eat!

Kristen Bell's just like any other woman... She has to grocery shop and pay for her own food!