SXSW Hotties

by SheKnows
Mar 4, 2013 at 6:32 p.m. ET
Hellooooo, Ryan! This talented singer-songwriter from L.A. has an Academy Award, Golden Globe Award and Critics' Choice Award for his song "The Weary Kind."

1 /20: Jared & The Mill

1/20 :Jared & The Mill

Arizona natives, Jared & The Mill, are one of the newer additions to the indie-folk movement — the self-proclaimed "Mumford & Sons of the West." Add their track "Breathe Me In" to your folksy playlist.

2 /20: CR Smith

2/20 :CR Smith

CR Smith, a church music director in Billings, MT, won a Paste Magazine and HGTV contest, and is now headed to SXSW. CR's new EP is "The Waiting."

3 /20: Jack Carty

3/20 :Jack Carty

This indie-folk singer-songwriter from Australia is just 25 years old and has already released two critically acclaimed albums. Check out his track "She's Got a Boyfriend."

4 /20: Body Parts

4/20 :Body Parts

Want a dose of experimental pop? Then check out Body Parts, from Los Angeles.


Listen to a few of IRONTOM's tracks, and you'll quickly realize that their sound is definitely influenced by bands such as Arctic Monkeys and Led Zeppelin.

6 /20: Shakey Graves

6/20 :Shakey Graves

Shakey is hailed as one of the best one-man shows in Austin.

7 /20: Hooka Hey

7/20 :Hooka Hey

This bluesy foursome from Austin has quite the looker on vocals and guitar, Hugo Parrish. But then again, who are we kidding? So is the rest of the band, comprised of Heykel Fattoumi, Matthew Leroy and Alexis Jaubourg.

8 /20: Adam Warrock

8/20 :Adam Warrock

This Memphis, TN native boasts hip hop and pop culture.

9 /20: Hello Caller

9/20 :Hello Caller

If you like dark folk, jangle rock, then you'll love Hello Caller, from Austin, Texas.

10 /20: Ivan & Alyosha

10/20 :Ivan & Alyosha

Ivan & Alyosha is a folk-pop, indie, rock band from Seattle, WA.

11 /20: Lincoln Durham

11/20 :Lincoln Durham

This intense-lookin' guy is, according to his Facebook, "Very Electric. Very Analog. Very Solo."

12 /20: Driver Friendly

12/20 :Driver Friendly

Texas natives, Driver Friendly, are known for their high-energy tracks — and videos (most notably "Ghosts").

13 /20: Atlas Genius

13/20 :Atlas Genius

Fun fact about these Aussie musicians: Their track "Trojans" was named an iTunes Single of the Week in Australia and New Zealand, and eventually began selling more than one thousand tracks per week on U.S. iTunes. Not bad!

14 /20: Lord Buffalo

14/20 :Lord Buffalo

If you ever wondered what experimental, mud-folk, desert jams music sounded like, listen to Lord Buffalo.

15 /20: Night Beds

15/20 :Night Beds

Night Beds began when Winston Yellen and friends recorded the first song, "You Were Afraid," during the summer of 2008 in Colorado Springs. If you like Local Natives, you'll dig these guys.

16 /20: Peter Peter

16/20 :Peter Peter

Canadian singer-songwriter Peter Peter is known for his French pop/rock compositions. We don't understand anything he's saying, but it's catchy, nonetheless!

17 /20: St. Lucia

17/20 :St. Lucia

Our fave track from St. Lucia? The catchy tune "All Eyes On You."

18 /20: Yi Sung-yol

18/20 :Yi Sung-yol

Alt. rock musician Yi Sung-yol is traveling quite the distance to get to Austin this year — all the way from Seoul, South Korea.

19 /20: The Neighbourhood

19/20 :The Neighbourhood

We're lovin' this experimental/indie/rock band's track "Sweater Weather."

20 /20: Local Natives

20/20 :Local Natives

This L.A. foursome has been making waves in the indie rock scene, especially after their moving performance of "Who Knows Who Cares" on La Blogothèque.