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These Are Some of the Most Inspiring Modern Quotes on Feminism


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When you think of inspiring women in our current culture, who’s the first to come to mind? Maybe it’s the Silence Breakers, the women who weren’t afraid to say, “Me Too” and share their stories of sexual harassment and abuse. Or maybe it’s Oprah Winfrey and her stirring Golden Globes speech in January.

Regardless of who your personal favorite is, these female role models have a few things in common: They stood up for what they believed in and weren’t afraid to speak their minds — especially when it came to issues of gender equality and feminism. Now more than ever, we need to recognize these leaders and remember their words.

From gymnast Kyle Stephens, who, along with 155 other victims, bravely testified against former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar (who was ultimately convicted for decades of sexual abuse) to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 concession speech that reminded “all the little girls who are watching” that they are valuable — here are 20 powerful quotes about feminism that will inspire and empower you.

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