March Madness: Celeb super fans show team spirit

by SheKnows
Mar 21, 2013 at 4:00 a.m. ET
Die-hard Hoosiers fan, John Mellencamp, is probably jumping for joy that his team is predicted to be one of the final four teams in this year's March Madness tournament. The Indiana Hoosiers have had a very successful season with a standing of 24-4 overall and owe most of their success to John who helped in the funding of their very own practice center.

1 /9: Matthew McConaughey loves his Longhorns

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1/9 :Matthew McConaughey loves his Longhorns

Although Texas isn't having the best year with a standing of 13-15, it is pretty unlikely we will see them in the tournament this year. Even with the disappointing new, Matthew McConaughey is still a loud and proud supporter of his Longhorns so it's no surprise that he is always rocking their signature color, burnt orange, on and off the court.

2 /9: Barack Obama stands for the UNC Tar Heels

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2/9 :Barack Obama stands for the UNC Tar Heels

In 2009, Barack Obama personally congratulated the University of North Carolina Tar Heel's on their national championship and in return he was given his very own personalized jersey. With the Tar Heels record of 20-8, it looks like the President will hopefully be able to rock his jersey at this years tournament!

3 /9: Paul Rudd represents Kansas

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3/9 :Paul Rudd represents Kansas

As a Kansas native, Paul Rudd was selected to represent the University of Kansas in the Celebrity March Madness Bracket in 2012. Kansas is looking like a top contender to win this year's tournament and we're sure we will see Paul going wild in the stands.

4 /9: Ashley Judd is THE superfan

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4/9 :Ashley Judd is THE superfan

Superfan Ashley Judd is no stranger to March Madness or her favorite team, the Kentucky Wildcats. She better get her pep talks and cheers on point for the tournament because this once "powerhouse" will need to work a little harder to make it to the top this year!

5 /9: Nick Lachey hopes for the Bearcats

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5/9 :Nick Lachey hopes for the Bearcats

As a longtime Cincinatti Bearcats fan, Nick Lachey has never lost his team spirit even when they weren't doing too hot. We're sure he will be hoping they can pull through to the championships this year since their chances of making it into the tournament this year are "on the bubble" given their 19-9 record.

6 /9: Snoop Dogg drops it like it's hot at USC

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6/9 :Snoop Dogg drops it like it's hot at USC

As a huge supporter of the USC Trojan's, Snoop Dogg is often seen on the sidelines at their games but with their not so hot season this year, it's unlikely we will be seeing him dropping any raps or cheers for the team during the March Madness. Look's like thats a "rap" for the Trojans!

7 /9: Jason Sudeikis to go for the win

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7/9 :Jason Sudeikis to go for the win

Jason Sudeikis will continue to cheer on his Jayhawks as they look to take a national championship this year. Number 1 on Saturday Night Live and hopefully number 1 on the courts this year!

8 /9: Olivia Wilde is wild for Kansas

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8/9 :Olivia Wilde is wild for Kansas

Even on the red carpet, Olivia Wilde always shows her Kansas pride by wearing their signature color, blue. She'll be wearing this color all month long with the success rate Kansas is having!

9 /9: Erin Andrews dances for Florida

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9/9 :Erin Andrews dances for Florida

As a former member of the University of Florida dance team, Erin Andrews has been cheering on the Gators for years and it looks like she will be able to keep rooting for them this year! With a current overall standing of 22-5, the Florida Gators will definitely be ruling the court during March Madness.