Magazine Cover Girls (& Guys)

by SheKnows
Feb 14, 2013 at 4:21 p.m. ET
Image: Rolling Stone
Want to know more about your favorite show, The Walking Dead? Rolling Stone has you covered in its cover story "The Rise of The Walking Dead".

1 /41: Miranda Kerr on Cosmopolitan's November 2013 issue

Image: Matt Jones/Cosmopolitan

1/41 :Miranda Kerr on Cosmopolitan's November 2013 issue

Miranda Kerr talks shop and reveals how she has become wildly successful and happily married to a gorgeous man in Cosmopolitan's November 2013 issue.

2 /41: Miley Cyrus on Rolling Stone

Image: Rolling Stone Magazine

2/41 :Miley Cyrus on Rolling Stone

"I think it's an important time not to Google myself," Miley Cyrus says in this issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

3 /41: Jennifer Lopez on the cover of Cosmopolitan's October 2013 issue

Image: Matthias Vriens-McGrath/Cosmopolitan

3/41 :Jennifer Lopez on the cover of Cosmopolitan's October 2013 issue

Jennifer Lopez is revealing some shocking secrets about her career in a new interview with Cosmopolitan.

4 /41: Zooey Deschanel on Marie Claire

Image: Marie Claire

4/41 :Zooey Deschanel on Marie Claire

Zooey Deschanel appears on the cover of Marie Claire's September 2013 issue. In it, she discusses the third season of New Girl, the importance of her website HelloGiggles and more!

5 /41: Demi Lovato, Cosmopolitan, August 2013

5/41 :Demi Lovato, Cosmopolitan, August 2013

Demi Lovato appears on the cover of Cosmopolitan's August 2013 issue. In it, she opens up about her troublesome childhood.

6 /41: Maggie Gyllenhaal in Gotham

Image: Andrew Eccles, Gotham

6/41 :Maggie Gyllenhaal in Gotham

In this issue of Gotham magazine, Maggie Gyllenhaal explains how her family influences her choices — and how sometimes she just doesn't care what they think!

7 /41: Kenny Chesney on Boston Common

7/41 :Kenny Chesney on Boston Common

Kenny Chesney's on the cover of the Summer Issue of Boston Common magazine, where he opens up about the Boston Marathon bombings, launching a fundraiser for the victims, his new album and more.

8 /41: Lauren Conrad, Marie Claire July 2013

Image: Regan Cameron/Marie Claire

8/41 :Lauren Conrad, Marie Claire July 2013

Lauren Conrad on boyfriend William Tell: “He is very good for me because we have a lot in common as far as where we grew up. It’s the first time I’m with someone and I’m not explaining things." Read more from the July 2013 issue of Marie Claire!

9 /41: Kelly Osbourne, Cosmopolitan July 2013

Image: Cosmopolitan

9/41 :Kelly Osbourne, Cosmopolitan July 2013

Kelly Osbourne looks incredible on the cover of Cosmopolitan's July 2013 issue!

10 /41: Carrie Underwood on Marie Claire, June 2013

Image: Marie Claire

10/41 :Carrie Underwood on Marie Claire, June 2013

Carrie Underwood graces the cover of Marie Claire's June 2013 issue. Inside, she discusses her marriage with husband Mike Fisher, what she wrote about herself in her high school yearbook and more.

11 /41: Olga Kurylenko on Ocean Drive Magazine

Image: Ocean Drive Magazine

11/41 :Olga Kurylenko on Ocean Drive Magazine

On the May/June 2013 issue of Ocean Drive magazine is Bond Girl and star of Oblivion, Olga Kurylenko, who dishes on her role in Bond movies, raising a family, maintaining a Hollywood romance with Danny Huston and more.

12 /41: Sofia Vergara, Cosmo June 2013

Image: Cosmopolitan

12/41 :Sofia Vergara, Cosmo June 2013

Sofia Vergara talks sex, style and success in the June 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan.

13 /41: Rachel Bilson, Cosmopolitan May 2013

Image: Cosmopolitan

13/41 :Rachel Bilson, Cosmopolitan May 2013

Rachel Bilson sports a flirty pink dress on the May 2013 cover of Cosmopolitan.

14 /41: Miley Cyrus

Image: Cosmopolitan/Hearst

14/41 :Miley Cyrus

Miley shows it off on the March 2013 cover of Cosmopolitan.

15 /41: Rihanna, Cosmopolitan

Image: Cosmopolitan

15/41 :Rihanna, Cosmopolitan

Rihanna graces the July 2011 cover of Cosmo in seemingly music festival-inspired outfit — and pulls it off like always!

16 /41: Keira Knightley, ELLE UK

Image: ELLE

16/41 :Keira Knightley, ELLE UK

Kiera looks so high-fashion on the cover of ELLE UK's March 2011 issue.

17 /41: Kate Upton, Cosmopolitan

Image: Cosmopolitan

17/41 :Kate Upton, Cosmopolitan

Kate Upton rocks a tight white dress on the November 2012 issue of Cosmo.

18 /41: Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel, People magazine

Image: People Magazine

18/41 :Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel, People magazine

No one will ever forget this recognizable image of J.T. and Jessica Biel on the cover of People magazine tying the knot.

19 /41: Justin Bieber, Vanity Fair

Image: Vanity Fair

19/41 :Justin Bieber, Vanity Fair

Bieber's Vanity Fair cover was apparently the worst-selling issue in years. It probably had something to do with those smooch marks!

20 /41: Scarlett Johansson, Cosmopolitan

Image: Cosmopolitan

20/41 :Scarlett Johansson, Cosmopolitan

Scarlett sports this skin-tight, purple dress on the cover of Cosmopolitan's January 2012 issue.

21 /41: Gwen Stefani, ELLE

Image: ELLE

21/41 :Gwen Stefani, ELLE

The architectural dress and sleek 'do make Gwen look chic on the cover of ELLE's May 2011 issue.

22 /41: Emma Watson, Vogue

Image: Vogue

22/41 :Emma Watson, Vogue

Emma sports a grown-up look on the cover of Vogue's July 2011 issue.

23 /41: Amanda Seyfried, ELLE

Image: ELLE

23/41 :Amanda Seyfried, ELLE

ELLE's April 2011 cover was the blonde bombshell Amanda Seyfried.

24 /41: Ashley Greene, Cosmo

Image: Cosmopolitan

24/41 :Ashley Greene, Cosmo

We loved Ashley Greene's pastel-hued outfit on the cover of Cosmopolitan's August 2012 issue.

25 /41: Blake Lively, Cosmo (Austraila)

Image: Cosmopolitan

25/41 :Blake Lively, Cosmo (Austraila)

Cosmo's February 2011 cover girl Blake Lively sports this short, gold-and-silver dress on the Australian edition of the mag.

26 /41: Megan Fox, Cosmopolitan

Image: Cosmopolitan

26/41 :Megan Fox, Cosmopolitan

Megan Fox rocks this nude little number on the April 2012 issue of Cosmopolitan.

27 /41: Demi Lovato, Cosmopolitan

Image: Cosmopolitan

27/41 :Demi Lovato, Cosmopolitan

Demi flaunts her curves on the cover of Cosmopolitan's July 2012 issue.

28 /41: Drew Berrymore, ELLE

Image: ELLE

28/41 :Drew Berrymore, ELLE

Drew looks incredible in this LBD on the cover of ELLE's August 2010 cover.

29 /41: Allison Williams on Boston Common

Image: Boston Common

29/41 :Allison Williams on Boston Common

Allison Williams discusses politics, Girls and how Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have remained unaffected by their early success and more in Boston Common's Spring Fashion Issue.

30 /41: Jessica Pare on Los Angeles Confidential

Image: Los Angeles Confidential

30/41 :Jessica Pare on Los Angeles Confidential

Jessica Pare from Mad Men on the cover of Los Angeles Confidential's Spring Fashion Issue.

31 /41: Harrison Ford on Michigan Avenue

Image: Michigan Avenue

31/41 :Harrison Ford on Michigan Avenue

Harrison Ford on the cover of Michigan Avenue's Spring Fashion Issue.

32 /41: Steve Carell on Vegas Magazine

Image: Vegas Magazine

32/41 :Steve Carell on Vegas Magazine

Steve Carell on the cover of Vegas Magazine

33 /41: Elsa Holk on Ocean Drive Magazine

Image: Ocean Drive Magazine

33/41 :Elsa Holk on Ocean Drive Magazine

Model Elsa Holk on the cover of Ocean Drive Magazine