Hottest celebs in uniform

by SheKnows
Sep 26, 2012 at 6:47 a.m. ET
Who can resist those dimples? As if CSI: Miami wasn’t already too hot to handle, the heat index rose even higher when Eddie Cibrian joined the cast as detective Jesse Cardoza. His run on the show only lasted one season, but it was a season we’ll never forget.

1 /15: Daniel Sunjata

1/15 :Daniel Sunjata

Daniel Sunjata sizzled on-screen as NYFD firefighter Franco Rivera in Rescue Me. Daniel also heated up movie screens as Captain Jones in the insanely successful The Dark Knight Rises.

2 /15: Jesse Spencer

2/15 :Jesse Spencer

The Australian actor made us swoon for eight seasons on the medical drama House M.D. and can now be seen flexing his muscles on the NBC show Chicago Fire.

3 /15: George Clooney

Image: L. Gallo/

3/15 :George Clooney

Today George Clooney is Hollywood's modern day Carey Grant, but it was his role as a young Doctor on ER that first made Clooney a household name...and two time sexiest man alive.

4 /15: Patrick Dempsey

4/15 :Patrick Dempsey

One word: McDreamy. Do we need to say anything else? The sexy doctor role catapulted Partick Dempsey into super-stardom and introduced him into every woman's doctor fantasy.

5 /15: Ben McKenzie

5/15 :Ben McKenzie

Ben McKenzie, best known for his role on the teen drama The OC, is flexing his muscles as a hunky rookie cop on Southland.

6 /15: Zac Efron

6/15 :Zac Efron

The High School Musical alum took a turn in a more serious adult role portraying a soldier dealing with PTSD and falling in love with a small town girl in Nicholas Sparks' The Lucky One.

7 /15: Josh Hartnett

7/15 :Josh Hartnett

Josh Hartnett became a certified heartthrob after his role in Pearl Harbor playing Capt. Danny Walker, a soldier caught in a torrid love triangle fighting for the affections of an on-site nurse (Kate Beckinsale) against his best friend (Ben Affleck).

8 /15: Shemar Moore


8/15 :Shemar Moore

Shemar Moore plays super sexy FBI profiler Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds. He’s always been a stud, starting his career off as a model and then moving to soap opera hunk on The Young and the Restless before taking this role.

9 /15: Joaquin Phoenix

9/15 :Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix stole our hearts from his first scene in Ladder 49 playing probationary firefighter Jack Morrison.

10 /15: Tom Cruise

Image: Image Courtesy Www.WENN

10/15 :Tom Cruise

It's been a long time since Tom Cruise filmed Top Gun, but he's still got the look.

11 /15: Tom Selleck

11/15 :Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck suited up for the 2010 CBS Summer Press Tour Party in Beverly Hills in anticipation of his latest TV hit, Blue Bloods.

12 /15: Channing Tatum


12/15 :Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum made a career of being the heartthrob leading man and sometimes that included camouflage. The newest Sexiest Man Alive has accumulated multiple roles playing soldiers. From Stop-Loss and G.I. Joe to his big role in Dear John and comedic turn as a cop in 21 Jump Street, Channing knows how to make a uniform look good.

13 /15: Donnie Wahlberg


13/15 :Donnie Wahlberg

Playing a tough-guy detective on Blue Bloods, we love to watch Donnie Wahlberg take down the bad guys, especially when he works up a sweat in the process.

14 /15: David Boreanaz

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14/15 :David Boreanaz

Some fans might remember David as a sexy, brooding vampire on the cult classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but he's developed quite the following as gun wielding, hunky special agent Seeley Booth on the hit drama Bones.

15 /15: Taylor Kinney

Image: Brian To/

15/15 :Taylor Kinney

Lady Gaga's other half has been steaming up our TV's all season on the new NBC drama Chicago Fire alongside our other favorite Jesse Spencer.