Kanye West

by SheKnows
Aug 22, 2011 at 7:29 a.m. ET
Kanye West is seen here in typical Kanye garb: bold fashion, an attention-getting pattern, bling around his neck and shades covering his eyes.

1 /19: Kanye West and his Mom

1/19 :Kanye West and his Mom

Growing up, Kanye West could always been found next to his mother, Dr. Donda West, who emphasized education.

2 /19: Kanye West Early On

2/19 :Kanye West Early On

Early in Kanye West's musical career, he produced songs for a number of artists including Foxy Brown, Jermaine Dupri and Goodie Mob.

3 /19: Kanye West at Roc-A-Fella

3/19 :Kanye West at Roc-A-Fella

Kanye West began producing for Roc-A-Fella Records in 2000 and is now the only artist remaining on the record label formerly owned by Jay-Z.

4 /19: Kanye West and Jay-Z

4/19 :Kanye West and Jay-Z

Kanye West's big break came in 2001 when he was the lead producer for Jay-Z's legendary album "The Blueprint."

5 /19: Kanye's Debut Album

5/19 :Kanye's Debut Album

Kanye West's debut album hit stores in February of 2004 and quickly began racking up numerous accolades and is now considered by many to be one of the best hip hop albums of all-time.

6 /19: Kanye West's "Gold Digger."

6/19 :Kanye West's "Gold Digger."

The year 2005 saw Kanye West release his "Late Registration" album, which featured the hit song "Gold Digger."

7 /19: Kanye West on George Bush

7/19 :Kanye West on George Bush

Kanye West made worldwide headlines shortly after the Hurricane Katrina disaster when he said: "George Bush doesn't care about black people."

8 /19: Kanye Loses His Mom in 2007

8/19 :Kanye Loses His Mom in 2007

In November of 2007, Kanye West's mom died from complications following plastic surgery.

9 /19: Kanye Splits with Alexis Phifer

9/19 :Kanye Splits with Alexis Phifer

Early in 2008, Kanye West and Alexis Phifer ended their engagement after deciding to separate.

10 /19: Kanye West's "808s & Heartbreak"

10/19 :Kanye West's "808s & Heartbreak"

In an emotional time in Kanye West's life following the death of his mother and the breakup with his fiancee, the hip hop star released a pop album entitled "808s & Heartbreak."

11 /19: Kanye West Arrested

11/19 :Kanye West Arrested

Twice in 2008, Kanye West was arrested for incidents that involved run-ins with paparazzi.

12 /19: Kanye West & Amber Rose

12/19 : Kanye West & Amber Rose

Kanye West and Amber Rose had a highly-publicized two-year romance that began in 2008.

13 /19: Kanye West Gives Back

13/19 :Kanye West Gives Back

Kanye West runs the Kanye West Foundation in his hometown of Chicago, which aims to help minorities stay in school.

14 /19: Kanye West & Taylor Swift in 2008

14/19 :Kanye West & Taylor Swift in 2008

During the 2008 VMAs, Kanye West ambushed Taylor Swift to protest the country music star's victory over Beyonce in the Best Female Video category.

15 /19: Kanye West in GQ

15/19 :Kanye West in GQ

In 2009, GQ selected Kanye West as one of the Top 10 Most Stylish Men in America.

16 /19: Kanye West at the 2009 VMAs

16/19 :Kanye West at the 2009 VMAs

A year after the controversial Taylor Swift incident, Kanye West was all smiles in his return to the VMA stage.

17 /19: Kanye West's Clothing Line

17/19 :Kanye West's Clothing Line

Kanye West is known for his music but he has also left his mark in the fashion world with a clothing line (Past Tell) and series of Nikes (Air Yeezys).

18 /19: Kanye West on Tour in 2011

18/19 :Kanye West on Tour in 2011

Kanye West has spent much of 2011 touring around the world -- from Austin to Australia and from Portugal to Poland.

19 /19: Kanye West's New Album "Watch the Throne"

19/19 :Kanye West's New Album "Watch the Throne"

On August 8th, 2011, Kanye West released the album "Watch the Throne," a collabo with Jay-Z that debuted at No. 1.