Strangest royal wedding souvenirs

by SheKnows
Apr 13, 2011 at 3:28 p.m. ET
Where do royals put their stinky baby diapers? In a million dollar solid gold, ruby- and sapphire-encrusted diaper pail, of course.

1 /9: Royal wedding barf bag

1/9 :Royal wedding barf bag

If you are nauseous from all this royal wedding hoopla, grab yourself an royal wedding sick bag. "Throne up" -- clever!

2 /9: Will & Kate Forever commemorative plate

2/9 :Will & Kate Forever commemorative plate

Commemorative plates are created for every occasion -- so of course, you have plenty to choose from for the royal wedding. Check out the blue dogs accented the edge of the Will & Kate plate.

3 /9: Royal wedding tea bags

3/9 :Royal wedding tea bags

Well the Brits do like their tea. So, these Kate and William tea bags do make sense, but they are weird nonetheless.

4 /9: Royal wedding condoms

4/9 :Royal wedding condoms

Crown Jewels Condoms of Distinction are the must-have odd souvenir. They come in a pretty purple box fit for royalty.

5 /9: Royal couple cutout

5/9 :Royal couple cutout

A lifesize cardboard cut-out of the royal couple borders on creepy. Well forget's just creepy.

6 /9: Royal portrait sliding doors

6/9 :Royal portrait sliding doors

Nothing says tacky quite like a pair of pink sliding doors with a portrait of Kate and William etched on them.

7 /9: Royal silver spoons

7/9 :Royal silver spoons

These royal wedding souvenirs would make a strange baby shower gift. The spoons have pictures of Kate and William in the handles.

8 /9: The Royals comic book

8/9 : The Royals comic book

Yes, they have made the royal couple into comic book characters. Get your copy of The Royals before they sell out!

9 /9: Royal knit dolls

9/9 :Royal knit dolls

Plenty of dolls have been created depicting the royal couple. None are quite as strange as these hand-knitted dolls depicted William and Kate.