Pregnant celebrities

by SheKnows
Nov 20, 2010 at 6:11 p.m. ET
Channing Tatum's wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum are expecting a baby together. Boy or girl, they will definitely be a looker!

1 /57: Penelope Cruz

Image: Sean Thorton/

1/57 :Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz is happily expecting her second child sometime this summer!

2 /57: Lily Allen


2/57 :Lily Allen

Pregnant Lily Allen satisfies her cravings at a bakery in Notting Hill.

3 /57: Kim Kardashian

Image: David Durocher/

3/57 :Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian's baby bump is finally starting to show, we can't wait to see her in the future!

4 /57: Amber Rose

Image: WENN

4/57 :Amber Rose

Amber Rose looks as if she's ready to pop while out with her husband Wiz Khalifa.

5 /57: Malin Akerman

Image: JFXimages/

5/57 :Malin Akerman

Actress Malin Akerman is spotted shopping with hubby Roberto Zincone.

6 /57: Drew Barrymore

Image: Mandatory Credit: Apega/

6/57 :Drew Barrymore

Barrymore shows off her baby bump at the Los Angeles Film Festival premiere of 'Seeking a Friend for the End of the World'.

7 /57: Claire Danes

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7/57 :Claire Danes

Claire Danes is expecting her first child with husband Hugh Dancy.

8 /57: Camila Alves

Image: Mandatory Credit: Arnold Wells/

8/57 :Camila Alves

Alves lookes firece while expecting her 3rd child with Matthew McConaughey.

9 /57: Vera Farmiga

9/57 :Vera Farmiga

The "Up in the Air" actress and her husband welcomed baby girl Gytta Lubov Hawkey November 4th. She joins big brother Fynn who is 22 months old.

10 /57: Vera Farmiga

10/57 :Vera Farmiga

Pregnant actress Vera Farmiga and her husband Renn Hawkey attended the opening night of The Metropolitan Opera in New York.

11 /57: Penelope Cruz

11/57 :Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz is expecting her first child with husband, fellow Oscar winner Javier Bardem. Acting will definitely be in the genes of their baby!

12 /57: Penelope Cruz

12/57 :Penelope Cruz

Stunning Penelope Cruz and husband, Oscar winner Javier Bardem, are expecting their first child together in early 2011.

13 /57: Mariah Carey

13/57 :Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey, 41, and her husband Nick Cannon, 29, are expecting their first baby together after rumors of the pregnancy were spinning for months before the official announcement.

14 /57: Mariah Carey

14/57 :Mariah Carey

Singer Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon are expecting a baby boy in 2011. After rumors circulated for some time, the pregancy was confirmed prior to public appearances on "The View" and "Oprah".

15 /57: Nina Garcia

15/57 :Nina Garcia

It's project baby for Project Runway judge Nina Garcia who is expecting child #2 in December 2010.

16 /57: Nina Garcia

16/57 :Nina Garcia

Project Runway judge and Marie Claire fashion director Nina Garcia is pregnant and due in December with a son.

17 /57: Christina Applegate

17/57 :Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate's pregnancy comes 2 years after the actress had a double mastectomy after battling breast cancer.

18 /57: Christina Applegate

18/57 :Christina Applegate

'I’ll probably be a little bit hippie and a little bit Type A…' says pregnant celeb Christina Applegate who is expecting her first child with fiancé Martyn LeNoble.

19 /57: Pink

19/57 :Pink

Rocker Pink (born Alecia Moore) and husband Carey Hart are expecting their first child in 2011.

20 /57: Alanis Morissette

20/57 :Alanis Morissette

Canadian-born singer Alanis Morisssette is pregnant with her first baby shortly after getting married to rapper Souleye.

21 /57: Alanis Morissette

21/57 :Alanis Morissette

Pregnant Alanis Morissette announced the news she is expecting by listing it at the bottom of a "25 Things You Don't Know About Me" list for UsMagazine!

22 /57: Ali Larter

22/57 :Ali Larter

34 year old Heroes actress Ali Larter shows off the baby bump that will soon make her another type of hero - Mom!

23 /57: Ali Larter

23/57 :Ali Larter

Actress Ali Larter and her actor/writer husband Hayes MacArthur are expecting their first baby just in time for Christmas!

24 /57: Celine Dion

24/57 :Celine Dion

25 /57: Celine Dion

25/57 :Celine Dion

Celine Dion revealed that she was originally supposed to have triplets this month, but lost one of the babies early in the pregnancy. Along with her husband, Rene Angélil, the couple welcomed baby boy twins Eddy and Nelson on October 23.

26 /57: Alicia Keys

26/57 :Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys bared her pregnant belly in a tiny bikini off the coast of France shortly after tying the knot in Corsica with her new husband, Swizz Beatz.

27 /57: Alicia Keys

27/57 :Alicia Keys

Swizz Beatz, who is already a dad to three kids, is now a dad of four after he and singer Alicia Keys welcomed son Egypt Dauode Dean on October 15th.

28 /57: Kelly Preston

28/57 :Kelly Preston

Rumor has it that Kelly Preston and husband John Travolta are planning a silent birth, often observed by followers of the Scientology religion.

29 /57: Kelly Preston

29/57 :Kelly Preston

It's a boy for Kelly Preston and John Travolta! The couple tragically lost their 16-year-old son Jett in January 2009, have a daughter, Ella Bleu who is 10.

30 /57: Rachel Zoe

30/57 :Rachel Zoe

39-year old celebrity stylist and crazy-thin Rachel Zoe and her husband of 12 years, Rodger Berman, recently confirmed that she is pregnant!

31 /57: Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster

31/57 :Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster

The birth of the baby means that Rod Stewart will be a dad of seven (yes seven!). His wife Penny Lancaster is pregnant with their second child together. Stewart’s five other children are from previous relationship

32 /57: Luciana Barroso and Matt Damon

32/57 :Luciana Barroso and Matt Damon

Luciana Damon and hubby Matt show off the beautiful and trendy way to wear pregnancy!

33 /57: Luciana Barroso and Matt Damon

33/57 :Luciana Barroso and Matt Damon

Luciana and Matt Damon expect child #4 where they join Alexia, 11 from Luciana's previous marriage, Isabella, 4, and Gia, 2.

34 /57: Mario Lopez and Courtney Laine Mazza

34/57 :Mario Lopez and Courtney Laine Mazza

Broadway players Mario Lopez and Courtney Laine Mazza are now parents of their first child, daughter Gia Francesca, who was born on September 11, 2010.

35 /57: Amy Poehler and Will Arnett

35/57 :Amy Poehler and Will Arnett

Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler and Will Arnett welcomed son Abel James on August 6th.

36 /57: Emma Bunton

36/57 :Emma Bunton

Emma Bunton, a.k.a. Baby Spice, said via Twitter Nov. 4 "So our family grows, we are SO excited to announce we're having our 2nd baby and beau's wish for a brother or sister has come true!" she wrote.

37 /57: Kyla Weber and Vince Vaughn

37/57 :Kyla Weber and Vince Vaughn

After tying the knot in January 2010, Kyla Weber and Vince Vaughn are ready to welcome baby a year later in January 2011!

38 /57: Alanis Morrisette

38/57 :Alanis Morrisette

39 /57: Ali Larter

39/57 :Ali Larter

40 /57: Ali Larter

40/57 :Ali Larter

41 /57: Emily Procter

41/57 :Emily Procter

42 /57: Laila Ali

42/57 :Laila Ali

43 /57: Mariah Carey

43/57 :Mariah Carey

44 /57: Melissa Rycroft

44/57 :Melissa Rycroft

45 /57: Nina Garcia pregnant

45/57 :Nina Garcia pregnant

46 /57: Pink

46/57 :Pink

47 /57: Rachel Zoe

47/57 :Rachel Zoe

48 /57: Samantha Harris

48/57 :Samantha Harris

49 /57: Stella McCartney

49/57 :Stella McCartney

50 /57: Miranda Kerr

50/57 :Miranda Kerr

51 /57: Christina Applegate

51/57 :Christina Applegate

52 /57: Kelly Preston

52/57 :Kelly Preston

53 /57: Kate Hudson pregnant

53/57 :Kate Hudson pregnant

Pregnant Kate Hudson and her babydaddy Matt Bellamy of the band Muse enjoyed some time in the sun at the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita near Puerta Vallarta, Mexico.

54 /57: Kristen Bell

Image: WENN

54/57 :Kristen Bell

Kriten Bell is getting ready to have a baby, with boyfriend Dax Shepard. She is definitely one of the cutest pregnant stars in Hollywood!

55 /57: Holly Madison

Image: DJDM/

55/57 :Holly Madison

Holly Madison at the 29th annual Black & White Ball honoring singer and actress Mitzi Gaynor at the Bellagio Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

56 /57: Busy Phillips

Image: FayesVision/

56/57 :Busy Phillips

Busy Phillips at the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards held in Los Angeles.

57 /57: Jessica Simpson

Image: Nikki Nelson/

57/57 :Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson appearing at NBC Universal's Winter Tour party at The Athenaeum in Los Angeles.