Holy Moly Celebrity Moments

by SheKnows
Apr 13, 2010 at 6:47 p.m. ET
Image: WENN.com
Stella just can't get her groove back.

1 /38: Vanessa Williams

Image: WENN.com

1/38 :Vanessa Williams

Vanessa seen channeling her inner Simba.

2 /38: Mario Lopez hula hoops

Image: Josiah True/ WENN.com

2/38 :Mario Lopez hula hoops

Mario Lopez's hips don't lie as he hula hoops during the filming of Extra.

3 /38: Lo Bosworth

Image: WENN.com

3/38 :Lo Bosworth

Lo's caught determining how well her deodorant is holding up.

4 /38: Mischa Barton

Image: WENN.com

4/38 :Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton looks like she doesn't recognize herself in the mirror.

5 /38: Amanda Seyfried

Image: Michael Wright/WENN.com

5/38 :Amanda Seyfried

Amanda forgot to send her Letters to Juliet and she also forgot to put on make up.

6 /38: Crowd Pleaser

Image: WENN.com

6/38 :Crowd Pleaser

Rusell Brand just can't get enough of his fans.

7 /38: Madonna

Image: Owen Beiny / WENN

7/38 :Madonna

After all these years Madonna still manages to blow us away.

8 /38: A Swift Smell

Image: Dan Jackman./WENN.com

8/38 :A Swift Smell

An astrocious smell hits Taylor Swift as she performs for Good Morning America.

9 /38: Simon Cowell

Image: Anthony Stanley/WENN

9/38 :Simon Cowell

Simon shows no love to contestants, but apparently he recieves a lot of it.

10 /38: A Painful Friendship

Image: WENN.com

10/38 :A Painful Friendship

Rihanna makes a face when a viscious Katy Perry goes in for a bite.

11 /38: Eva Longoria

Image: WENN.com

11/38 :Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria clenches on to avoid what could have been a horrible fall.

12 /38: Lady Gaga & Kermit

12/38 :Lady Gaga & Kermit

Lady Gaga did an interview for a German television while wearing a coat made exclusively of Kermit the Frogs.

13 /38: Cameron Diaz Makes a Face

13/38 :Cameron Diaz Makes a Face

Cameron Diaz is caught making a funny face.

14 /38: Vince Vaughn Enjoying a Cone

14/38 :Vince Vaughn Enjoying a Cone

Vince Vaughn is serious about his froyo experience.

15 /38: Celine Dion In Concert

15/38 :Celine Dion In Concert

Celine makes a hilarious expression while performing at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City.

16 /38: Hilary Swank

16/38 :Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank is caught making a very surprised face.

17 /38: Katherine Heigl Caught Making a Hilarious Face

17/38 :Katherine Heigl Caught Making a Hilarious Face

While out eating lunch, a photo of Heigl making an interesting face is snapped by paparazzi.

18 /38: Mischa Barton Fashion Disaster

18/38 :Mischa Barton Fashion Disaster

Mischa Barton made an interesting choice pairing these pastel yellow pants with a cropped floral shirt and bright red shoes.

19 /38: Speidi Eating Tacos

19/38 :Speidi Eating Tacos

Spencer and Heidi Pratt chow down on some Taco Bell in an effort to stop global hunger.

20 /38: Alicia Silverstone Tumbles

20/38 :Alicia Silverstone Tumbles

Alicia takes a fall!

21 /38: A Wobbly Jessica Simpson

21/38 :A Wobbly Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson loses her balance while wearing heels.

22 /38: Lindsay Lohan Tumbles into a Cactus

22/38 :Lindsay Lohan Tumbles into a Cactus

Lindsay Lohan takes a tumble into a cactus.

23 /38: Emma Watson Enjoys a Cupcake

23/38 :Emma Watson Enjoys a Cupcake

Emma Watson eats a cupcake.

24 /38: Lindsay Lohan Powder Shoes

24/38 :Lindsay Lohan Powder Shoes

After leaving a friend's house in Los Angeles, a large amount of white powder began shooting out of Lohan's shoes.

25 /38: Helena Bonham Carter Fashion Disaster

25/38 :Helena Bonham Carter Fashion Disaster

Helena Bonham Carter made an interesting fashion choice while out and about in London.

26 /38: Lisa Rinna Animal Print Disaster

26/38 :Lisa Rinna Animal Print Disaster

Lisa Rinna wore an animal print disaster on the red carpet.

27 /38: Britney Spears Wears an Interesting Outfit

27/38 :Britney Spears Wears an Interesting Outfit

Britney Spears wore this interesting combination of red underpants, ripped fishnet tights and brown boots while on a smoke break from dance rehearsal.

28 /38: Lady Gaga Scares Eminem

28/38 :Lady Gaga Scares Eminem

Lady Gaga wore a red lace mask as she accepted the Best New Artist award at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Presenter Eminem appeared to be confused.

29 /38: Nicole Kidman Make-Up Malfunction

29/38 :Nicole Kidman Make-Up Malfunction

Nicole Kidman arrived to the premiere of Nine suffering from a make-up malfunction.

30 /38: Amy Winehouse Eating Toast

30/38 :Amy Winehouse Eating Toast

Amy Winehouse opened the door to greet paparazzi while eating a bit of cheese toast.

31 /38: Mary Kate Fashion Disaster

31/38 :Mary Kate Fashion Disaster

Mary Kate Olsen is spotted wearing a very interesting pink velour-looking dress.

32 /38: Alessandra Ambrosio

Image: WENN.com

32/38 :Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio takes a moment in between a bikini photo shoot.

33 /38: Tracy Morgan is expecting!

Image: WENN

33/38 :Tracy Morgan is expecting!

We aren't sure who is expecting a baby in this picture, Tracy Morgan or his fiance! Either way, the couple is said to be expecting their first child this summer.

34 /38: Redfoo at the Lakers game

Image: WENN.com

34/38 :Redfoo at the Lakers game

LMFAO singer, Redfoo, supports the Lakers in his purple and yellow outfit and infamous fro!

35 /38: Victoria's Secret model goes kite surfing

Image: WENN.com

35/38 :Victoria's Secret model goes kite surfing

Victoria's Secret model, Edita Vilkeviciute, attempts to kite surf, but she's not making it look easy!

36 /38: Anne Hathaway

Image: Rob Rich/WENN.com

36/38 :Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway gives a wacky face at an event in New York City.

37 /38: Tyra Banks

Image: PNP/WENN.com

37/38 :Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks shows her silly side during an interview with EXTRA.

38 /38: Sharon Osbourne

Image: C.Smith/ WENN.com

38/38 :Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne gives a look of surprise during an event in New York City.