Bikini babes & blunders

by SheKnows
Aug 24, 2011 at 11:33 p.m. ET
Don't knock this Kardashian sister! For being a new mom, her bathing suit body is still pretty rockin'

1 /47: Beyonce

1/47 :Beyonce

Beyonce is a bikini babe in this lime ensemble.

2 /47: Jessica Alba

2/47 :Jessica Alba

Jessica strikes a sultry pose in a two toned bikini.

3 /47: Jenny McCarthy

3/47 :Jenny McCarthy

Jenny flaunts a fit body in a bright red bikini.

4 /47: Donatella Versace

4/47 :Donatella Versace

A blunder is putting this lightly! Photo originally on

5 /47: Carrie Underwood

5/47 :Carrie Underwood

Carrie wowed in a cute emerald bikini.

6 /47: Jennifer Love Hewitt

6/47 :Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt braves the bikini with a few extra pounds.

7 /47: Nicole Sherzinger

7/47 :Nicole Sherzinger

Nicole struts her fit figure in a striped bikini.

8 /47: Coco

8/47 :Coco

It is really a toss-up whether it is the bikini print or the body that contributes most to this blunder. Photo originally on

9 /47: Kim Kardashian

9/47 :Kim Kardashian

Kim shows off her assets in a bronze crochet bikini.

10 /47: Uma Thurman

10/47 :Uma Thurman

This blunder had to have come courtesy of no mirrors or other people in sight.

11 /47: Katy Perry

11/47 :Katy Perry

Katy rocks her bikini ready body in green.

12 /47: Kathy Griffin

12/47 :Kathy Griffin

This was a perfect storm of a beach blunder. Photo originally on

13 /47: Kristen Bell

13/47 :Kristen Bell

Kristen stuns in a blue bikini.

14 /47: Janice Dickinson

14/47 :Janice Dickinson

Janice hasn’t yet realized that her best bikini days are now behind her.

15 /47: Sienna Miller

15/47 :Sienna Miller

Sienna walks the walk in a print bikini.

16 /47: Snooki

16/47 :Snooki

The one piece was a good attempt, but overall this one is still a beach blunder. Photo originally on

17 /47: Bethenny Frankel

17/47 :Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny radiates in a pink bikini.

18 /47: Ivana Trump

18/47 :Ivana Trump

With age comes many great things and the loss of others. in this case, a bikini ready body. Photo originally on

19 /47: Miranda Kerr

19/47 :Miranda Kerr

Sporting a solid two toned blue bikini, Miranda is beach ready.

20 /47: Serena Williams

20/47 :Serena Williams

One should know, on the beach there is almost always a camera lurking somewhere. Photo originally on

21 /47: Ashley Tisdale

21/47 :Ashley Tisdale

Ashley is fit and flirty in a teeny white and rainbow trimmed bikini.

22 /47: Audrey O’Day

22/47 :Audrey O’Day

Perhaps looking for a malfunction? Someone’s top seems to be positioned a bit low. Photo originally on

23 /47: Chloe Sevigny

23/47 :Chloe Sevigny

Wading in a body perfect bikini.

24 /47: Denise Richards

24/47 :Denise Richards

Denise shows off a fit post two baby bikini body.

25 /47: Alex Park

25/47 :Alex Park

Alex shows off her svelte bikini body while filming.

26 /47: Ashley Tisdale

26/47 :Ashley Tisdale

Ashley shows off her fit bikini bod with rainbow ties.

27 /47: Aubrey O'Day

27/47 :Aubrey O'Day

Aubrey wears a white bikini that covers a small portion of her least there's no visible cellulite?

28 /47: Bar Refaeli

28/47 :Bar Refaeli

This Israeli hottie shows off her fit and fabulous bikini-clad bod!

29 /47: Britney Spears

29/47 :Britney Spears

Does smoking give you cellulite? First thing that comes to our mind in this bikini blunder...

30 /47: Cameron Diaz

30/47 :Cameron Diaz

This sporty celeb has the rock-hard body most of us wish we had. Wonder if she indulges in cheeseburgers?

31 /47: Denise Richards

31/47 :Denise Richards

This hot mom has makes time for her tight bod, despite being a mother of three.

32 /47: Eva Longoria

32/47 :Eva Longoria

Pint-sized Eva looks as though she may be having a "bloated" day. We all know what those are like...sigh.

33 /47: Geri Halliwell

33/47 :Geri Halliwell

Retired Spice Girl? Hardly! Ginger Spice models her new swimwear line.

34 /47: Gretchen Rossi

34/47 :Gretchen Rossi

Real Housewives of Orange County Gretchen Rossi shows off her fabulously toned bikini bod.

35 /47: Holly Madison

35/47 :Holly Madison

Holly Madison poses for Life & Style in a completely untouched photograph. Her bod still looks great!

36 /47: Jennifer Aniston

36/47 :Jennifer Aniston

Who can forget Jenn Aniston's famous beach bod? With a booty as great as that, we'd wear a bikini like that any day!

37 /47: Jersey Shore Cast

37/47 :Jersey Shore Cast

Juicehead gorillas and too-tan guidettes! That's right, it's your favorite Jersey Shore friends.

38 /47: Jessica Alba

38/47 :Jessica Alba

The epitome of a beach bod.

39 /47: Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy

39/47 :Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy

Well, Jim Carrey looks comfortable...

40 /47: JWOWW

40/47 :JWOWW

Even before JWOWW got super-toned and thin, her body was still beach-ready.

41 /47: Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett

41/47 :Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett

Kendra took her baby bump to the beach!

42 /47: Kim and Khloe Kardashian

42/47 :Kim and Khloe Kardashian

These Kardashian sisters claim their toned bodies here are from QuickTrim. Hmm...

43 /47: Miranda Kerr

43/47 :Miranda Kerr

This Victoria's Secret supermodel has the perfect beach body.

44 /47: Rachel Zoe

44/47 :Rachel Zoe

Though we "die" for Rachel Zoe's looks, we're not in love with her super thin something?

45 /47: Audrina Patridge

45/47 :Audrina Patridge

This Hills star has a rockin' hard beach body, and we know she works for it!

46 /47: Heidi Montag

46/47 :Heidi Montag

It looks like Heidi Montag has healed from all her plastic surgeries, and her body looks fit and toned! But heels to the pool? Really?

47 /47: Whitney Port

47/47 :Whitney Port

Whitney Port's lithe and long frame looks great in her bathing suit, but maybe she should get some sun while she's at it...